This winter I came down with a pretty serious neck issue, could barely turn my head or look up and down at all. Dr. Andrew Szymanski has been doing weekly adjustments for about the past five weeks, and I’m almost completely back to normal range of motion, within two visits I was no longer completely seized up. As someone who works in a labor intensive job, was an absolute life saver for me. Office is in a great location, very clean and nice, highly recommend if you’re having any sort of back or neck pain.

-Kenny Fox

I have been treated by both Dr Yaiser & Dr Szymanski at this location and in the city. Great service. I take my whole family! My teenage daughter loves the adjustments. I have benefited greatly from Stim Therapy offered. Both doctors care about my well being and have been given exercises I can do at home. The office in Red Bank is clean and has good parking.

-Edwina LeNet

I have seen Dr Andrew for several years. I first saw him because I had limited range of motion in my neck when turning my head to the left side. This was accompanied by tight neck and shoulder muscles. Regular visits, and doing the exercises that he showed me, increased my range of movement and relieved sore muscles. He is professional and caring. The office is modern and clean. I highly recommend him.

-Mary Watson

Doctor Andrew straightens me out and keeps me going! He is very diligent with his diagnosis and the treatments are specific to my current ailment(s). I recommend Healthbridge to everyone I know because I know the level of care given is top quality and the results are tremendous!!

-Peter Lynch, Inc.

I've been a patient of Dr. Szymanski's and Healthbridge of Red Bank since 2015. Dr. Szymanski has been a big part of helping me heal from prior military injuries. Dr. Szymanski is able to take the time in a one on one setting and treat all my needs. His office is welcoming and inviting. I recommend his services to all.

-Robert Calamunci

I highly recommend Dr. Szymanski as his patient for the last 1.5 years. I suffer from chronic pain from a car accident and he helps me manage my pain. He puts heat and stim on me, manipulates me, stretches, and massages. He's very thorough and you can tell he cares about his patients' wellbeing. He's taught me some stretches and exercises I can do on my own as well. I drive 20 minutes to and from to see him when I can go to any chiropractor in immediate area.

-Juliane Deckman

Dr. Szymanski saved my life. I was seeing another chiropractor prior to him and was in severe pain. I was having to get injections in my lower back. Come to find out that guy was the reason for my pain. As soon as I switched to Dr. Szymanski I no longer have the pain or need injections! He's also knowledgeable about health and fitness. More so he's honest and truely cares about me as a patient and not about making money off me. Thank you Dr. Szymanski

-Tj bonz

Dr. Szymanski is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever used. I've moved to another state, but still make time to return to his office for an adjustment when I am in town.

-David Gucker

After suffering from massive sinus pressure from allergies Dr. Szymanski was able to adjust my neck which suprisingly helped tremendously with my sinus issues.

-Stephanie Talbot

Running Pain relieved.

I went to Dr. Andrew Szymanski for a painful injury. I am avid runner, cyclist and pilates instructor . I went to him and found relief from a combination of chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. The acupuncture released the spasms and was a very relaxing treatment.


10 Years of Back Pain Relieved in Months!

"I had chronic back pain for over 10 years which hindered my lifestyle, both professionally and personally. I tried pain management doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc, but none produced the results I've realized by Dr. Szymanski. 10 Years of back pain was alleviated in a matter of months. Chiropractic care relieved the tightness and chronic lower back pain and hip pain I had been experiencing. But I've learned Chiropractic treatment is more than just back care; I am now able to perform more of my hobbies, feel more emotionally balanced, experienced increased flexibility and a better quality of sleep. I'm glad I chose Dr. Szymanski because I didn't feel like just a 'number'. They were very involved in one on one, and Dr. Szymanski knew my problem after just one week of care. I would recommend Dr. Szymanski to someone looking for chiropractic care because the Doctor was highly knowledgeable, attentive, and willing to accommodate my schedule."

- John

It Works!

"I started seeing Dr. Szymanski about six weeks ago for the lower back pain I was experiencing. At the time, I had difficulty sitting at my desk and was unable to go to the gym. Dr. Szymanski has relieved my pain 100%. Chiropractic care has increased my work abilities, made family time more enjoyable, increased flexibility, and has given me a better quality of sleep. Being "in balance" makes a big difference. I'm glad I chose Dr. Andrew Szymanski because the Doctor takes his time with you and listens to what is bothering you. There was always friendly care, and on-time appointments which was also important to me. I would recommend Dr. Szymanski and chiropractic care because it works!"

- Barbara

Allergy Symptoms Relieved!

I have suffered from bad allergies for a very long time. I have taken allergy shots and used prescription medictions which gave me too many side affects. I stared a nutrition program with Dr. Andrew Szymanski months before the allergy season. to detoxify my liver and strengthen my immune system as well as getting chiropractic adjustments. I had no allergies this season.

- Danielle

Now I Can Do Everyday Activities Pain Free!

"I originally started chiropractic care for lower back pain that made it difficult to do just about everything, including walking running lateral movement and bending. Chiropractic care at HealthBridge loosened up the pain in the back so I could do everyday activities pain free. I also experienced more energy, increased productivity, I feel more motivate, have improved concentration, I feel more relaxed, It has helped me perform hobbies, increased flexibility and I even feel I am sleeping better at night. The doctors focused on one-on-one care to get you pain-free. They also educated me about the benefits of chiropractic care and how all of the muscles in the back are attached to the leg and taught me stretches and exercise to help support and enhance strength in the lower back. I would highly recommend HealthBridge because of their one-on-one patient focus and ability to educate patients on their problems and on ways to prevent further issues."

- Michael

My Marathon Training Improved!

"I was training for a marathon and was having foot, knee, and back pain for about 3 weeks. The doctors here help with proper running sneakers and how to pick the right one for my foot type. They help improve my training. I can't thank them enough!"

- HealthBridge client

Very thorough, individualized patient care!

"Dr. Szymanski is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field. I don't know what I would have done without him helping me. I have chronic back pain, each and every time I have seen Dr. Szymanski he has taken the time to understand everything that is bothering me before he decides on treatment. This type of patient care is a dying art. I had no idea that when Dr. Szymanski started adjusting me for back trouble, that my headaches would magically go away. I live in Connecticut and plan special trips to the city to be seen by him; it is WELL worth the trip."

- James Lorbaum

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